Company specializing in electronic reprogramming, with the mission to optimize the original performance of vehicles by changing engine operating patterns, increasing their performance and yield within mechanical limits.

Our team dont’ work, don't like, and is totally out from all our projects to create or developening software with etanol conversions, E-85, nitrous oxide system or wmi kits, just forget it to ask about it for us.

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A person who needs more power than an average driver, no matter where in the city, in a free line or on your favorite road, the RemapGroup can easily help you to unlock this hidden power in a simple reprogramming of your vehicle software, optimizing performance and efficiency, offering the opportunity to extract the true potential without extreme changes. Making possible a reversal at any time without losing the originality of the vehicle. It is possible to achieve a power of 10 to 15% higher in aspirated vehicles, 30 to 40% by turbo-powered tablets or flex fuel ones, the turbo-diesel engines 20 to 30%.

During the reprogramming of the engineering are used different technologies, the most current and reliable market, among them are EVC eletronics, Dimsport, Flashtec and Piasini engineering.

Unfortunately, competitors who uses similar names trying to compensate for the lack of “know-how” with a questionable philosophy deceiving consumers with erroneous data, do not report our success. Choose carefully your reprogramming company because only few of them aim at quality and professionalism.

Our highly skilled professionals are equipped with an online development laboratory where the reprogramming is done and "tropicalized" according to climate conditions and quality of our fuel, enjoying the best that the European technology can offer. Personalized services, by appointment only, for residents outside the state of São Paulo contact for shipping instructions.